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video submission for RE:EASA 2018, Rijeka


memor mindful
rememorari call to mind

the action of re_ isn’t static; it can be passed on.

although memories are never transferred as their true form, they manifest themselves within the minds of others.

even when we’ve moved on, others will remember us and our stories; transporting the past to the present, creating a cycle that takes shape, nesting itself, into different consciousnesses.

song: water memory 1 by emily a. sprague

i. experiment

The original focus of the video was to document various human experiences as they rememberthem, and the object/sensation that would bring back those memories.

It was first going to be a video compilation of all those different experiences, but when I interviewed my grandmother, being there and listening to her stories as she looked back, made me feel like I was almost remembering those moments with her.
ii. experience

Valuing human experiences is seeing the different outlooks and reactions individuals have; listening into their lives - past, present and future.

At the end, being there with her became a
memory to me; one that I’ll be reminded of,
perhaps like my grandmother, whenever I think of the sea - she thought of her father, and I’ll think of her.
iii. reaction

Through the video I wanted the viewer to feel the joy and emotion experienced; through my grandmother’s eyes, and through my eyes.

Using old footage and photographs, you can’t
help but feel nostalgic for a past you never
experienced; almost wishing that you could have a small piece of that past, and thinking of all the memories in your life taken for granted. year 1
re:easa 2018 application

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