living armour:

weeping clay brick

clay 3D printing workshop

group members:
Karen Muscat and Lyna Loumi


This project was influenced by the function and appearance of lizard scales as well as case studies in using clay as a bio-receptive evaporative cooling material. The holistic vision and concept was clearly outlined to be a scale-like brick with gaps and texture to provide opportunities for the growth of organisms, and water catchment - a weeping brick which could act as a host for all types of creatures and plants; an element which performs like a ħajt tas-sejjieħ (maltese random dry-rubble wall).

The initial design goals and challenges were: to create biomimicry of a particular biological tessellation and to produce a tessellation that creates playful interaction (through light and movement). In addition, the goal was to create something which can support a living wall through its texture by allowing for air to pass, water and seeds to be collected in small pockets and to allow for evaporation.

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