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September/October 2023


Jiaqi Wang
Annachiara Squitieri
Alannah Xuereb
Pierfrancesco Lisi
Diana Ferro
Slava Stopul
Angelo Ciccaglione
Lara Ippolito
Davide Battel
Gaia Di Gregorio

INCM (Intermediate National Contact Meeting) is an annual meeting and symposium following EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly), where national contacts gather to present and discuss event proposals for the coming years through the process of bidding.

INCM acts as a tool for participation to keep the continuity of EASA alive and to carry on the legacy of the event and community. 

This event was hosted in the very beautiful ex-Villagio Eni in Borca di Cadore, Italy; a hidden architectural gem designed by Edoardo Gellner. 

My role as a main organiser primarily involved coordination of the event moderation, the vision and community outreach. I also took on general organisational duties which included seeking sponsorships, scheduling and general planning of the event. 

As an entirely self-managed, non-hierarchical assembly and community, EASA is run by each one of its members. Any group of members could take up the task of organising an EASA event, a workshop or community event. For this reason, every member of EASA has an important role to play within the community, as both an active organiser or an active participant of workshops and discussions.

Whoever enters the community of EASA accumulates experience and knowledge through an active participation; knowledge about the community itself, its functioning and its peculiarities, but also about architecture education and architecture as a whole. The continuous passing down of this knowledge allows EASA to thrive from year to year, as generations change, knowledge is accumulated, redefined, reiterated.

photos by Daniel Camilleri
In a dispersed network such as EASA, the INCM event plays a fundamental role. EASA is an exploration of architectural ideas and acts as a testing ground for alternative architectural education. On the other hand INCM was created as a tool of participation and governance of EASA which allows the preservation and passing down of knowledge to new generations of students. As such, its central role is ensuring the continued existence of EASA events and its community.

INCM is a complex instrument of continuity and a tool for community-building that constitutes the social and infrastructural backbone of EASA.

posters and graphic design by Slava Stopul
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