routed dwellings:

inhabitation within
permanent temporariness

Ħal Far 2066
Thesis Project 2022
Migration, displacement and movement have become a norm in our present age; whether its
because of economic opportunity, war, leisure or way of life. Transience is an everpresent
reality which affects our identies, and affects space. The way we build today aims to provide
the quickest profit, and has lost any sense of identity. We are living in an age where the buildings and spaces we are inhabiting are entirely fixed in a specific point in time – they are simply containers which don’t shift and evolve with us and are simply restricting us.

From “rooted identities based on place” we move towards “routed hybrid and flexible forms of identity” (Hazel Easthope).

Demographics are also shifting away from the nuclear family typology, changing lifestyles. This project aims to explore a typology of dwellings for “transient identities” in a state of “permanent temporariness” (Saba Innab, 2018), between routed (moving) and rooted (fixed). Allowing people to form roots, grow and contribute to their own spaces and communities

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